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Sunday October 22nd


1.00 p.m.

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October 22nd Auction Catalogue Text Below

1 Shelf mixed thriller books; John Grisham, Ken Follett etc 10-20
2 Three shelves of antique and fine art books 20-40
3 Six shelves of mixed books 40-60
4 Four shelves mixed books, mainly thrillers, modern novels 30-40
5 Four shelves of modern books; biographies, novels, history 20-40
6 Children's annuals, novels, cookery books etc 15-20
7 Five shelves of modern military and history books 30-50
8 Seven shelves of mixed paperback and hard back books 30-50
9 Six shelves of modern art and architecture books 50-80
10 Six shelves of history and military hardback books 50-80
11 Railway and football magazines 20-30
12 Three shelves of novels, biographies, history books etc 20-40
13 Three shelves of cookery, nutrition and health books 20-30
14 Four shelves of mixed paperback books and hardbacks 30-50
15 Three shelves books regarding places and people of interest World and local 30-50
16 Four shelves of modern and vintage paperback books 20-30
17 Five shelves of modern paperback from mainly female authors 30-50
18 Three shelves of vintage children's books 30-50
19 Five shelves mixed books; history, biographies etc 20-40
20 Five shelves of mixed books 20-40
21 Four shelves of Folio and other books 30-50
22 Small quantity of mixed books 15-20
23 Box of mainly 19th century framed scenic prints 30-40
24 Signed Star Wars artwork (C-3 PO & R2D2) by artist D. Smith 20-40
25 Signed Star Wars artwork (Darth Vader) by artist D. Smith 20-40
26 Signed Star Wars artwork (Obi Wan) by artist D. Smith 20-40
27 Framed signed first day cover stamp to commemorate Edmund Hillary 40-60
28 Framed signed photograph of Steven Spielberg 40-60
29 Early 20th century book set Cassell's History of England, part leather bound book volumes (9) 40-80
30 England and Wales book set by Thomas Dugdale, late 19th century, complete with plates 30-50
31 Modern formula F1 racing books 15-20
32 Group of WWII ephemera 20-30
33 Pair framed French Edwardian prints 20-40
34 Ephemera and books incl. RAF book, film reviews, comic strips etc 15-20
35 Victorian themed 'The Shakespeare' album, photo album, without photos 10-20
36 Two shelves of leather and cloth bound books 30-50
37 Two albums of cigarette cards together with others 20-30
38 Framed signed photograph of Margot Fonteyn 30-50
39 Framed French map of Denmark , late 17th/early 18th century, Carte du Royaume de Danemarc by Covens and Corneille Mortier 100-150
40 Small group of period books incl. English literature, poetry etc 10-20
41 Small group of local interest books incl. An Unsentimental Journey through Cornwall by the author of John Halifax, Gentleman 20-30
42 Miniature Bryce's English dictionary book, French posters, football card album, Austin Seven motor car workshop manual together with several other items of ephemera 20-40
43 Mixed book group; Times Laughing Stock by Thomas Hardy, Don Fernando by Somerset Maughn, Police Journal etc 20-30
44 Early and late Victorian group of books incl. Creasy's Decisive Battles and Chaucer 10-20
45 Framed scenic watercolour and Victorian hand coloured engraving of Salisbury 30-40
46 Group of softbacked erotic fiction and non-fictional titles, some copies 15-20
47 Album of late 18th century letters incl. English woman's description of her holiday abroad, offered with Miss West's visitor's book 1902 Tweentown Cottage Cheddar etc 30-40
48 History & topography of Cumberland and Westmoreland 1860 book by William Whellan 30-50
49 Pair of Victorian framed engravings, Mary Queen of Scots plus her husband Lord Darnley 30-50
50 Group of stamp albums and first day covers 20-40
51 Group of signed modern books; Vikram Seth, Emily Perkins etc 20-40
52 Group of books incl. Low & Terry, Circus Parade by Clarke, Plague Dogs by R. Adams etc 30-40
53 Group of motorcycle ephemera from the 1950's to the 1970's incl. Motorcycle Care, official programmes and magazines 20-40
54 Framed Charles II land indenture 1684, signed by all parties 60-100
55 Three first edition P.G Wodehouse and three later edition books 30-50
56 Two leatherbound volumes, Life of the Queen, 1887 books by Robert Wilson 20-40
57 Mixed books to include five 1960's/1970's Andy cap 10-20
58 Boys annual, mainly from the 1950's/60's and 70's 15-30
59 Group of children's books and annuals incl. Harold Hare 1963 book 15-30
60 Group of signed modern books; Nicholas Evans, Philipa Gregory etc 20-40
61 Quantity of period sheet music 10-20
62 The Victoria History of the County of Somerset in five vols 60-100
63 Framed 17th century map of Chester by Robert Morden sold by Abel Swale & Awnsham & John Churchill 60-100
64 Framed collage of military cigarette cards 15-30
65 Group of antique Boys School Stories books 100-120
66 The Book of Kells, Sir Edward Sullivan, The Studio, 1914, 24 coloured plates 20-30
67 Group of Observer books 15-30
68 Two boxed sets of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the new annotated Sherlock Holmes 15-30
69 Collection of Scouting ephemera; books & pamphlets 1930's onwards 20-40
71 Old and New London by Walter Thornbury c1895 by Cassell & Com 20-30
72 Mixed group of Victorian and later postcards 30-50
73 L'Academie Françoise, 6th ed., 2 vols, Dictionnaire to English 1835 20-40
74 The Wizard of Oz book by F. Baum 1958, illus. Maraja 20-30
75 1734 The Memoirs by Sir John Reresby, Governor of York, printed in London 40-60
76 Cigarette cards, pictures of actresses etc 30-40
77 Group of military, history and children's books 20-30
78 Framed signed laser cut silhouette of the Bourne Ultimatum Matt Damon 20-40
79 Framed 1707 map of Carte del Egypte dela Nubie del 'Abissinie 60-80
80 Framed 17th century map of Wiltshire by Robert Morden sold by Abel Swale & Awnsham & John Churchill 40-60
81 Steam liner marine ephemera from Isle of Man steam co. Menu from empress of fame etc plus vintage comic provided gifts of Rover, film fun, the Wizard, express, topical times etc. 30-40
82 Family ephemera group; autographed album, photo album, books etc 20-40
83 Mixed vintage books 20-30
84 Monumental Brasses of England book by Boutells London 1849 50-80
85 RMS ephemera liner booklet 'RMS Queen Mary 20-30
86 Comic series of School Boys Own Library produced by the Amalgamated Press in the 1930's (50) 40-50
87 Gardening Dictionaries 1885 by George Nicholson, illustrated flora and fauna, two vols 30-50
88 Comic series of Boys Friend Library produced by the Amalgamated Press in the 1920's (17) 10-20
89 The History & Antiquities of the County of Somerset by Rev. John Colinson, large reprint of works 1800, dated 1983 30-50
90 Illustrations of Byron, two illustrated book vols, 1837 John Murray 30-40
91 c1930's comic series of Magnets by Amalgamated Press; Boys Story Papers, Billy Bunter's Adventures at Greyfriar's School (52) 40-50
92 Literary Extracts c1840's by John Poynder from English and other works, two vols 30-50
93 Mixed ephemera group; cruise liners, theatre programmes, advertising items 30-50
94 Pair framed 19th century engraved scenes by Tho. H. Shepherd, hand coloured 20-30
95 Rome by F. Wey, Scandinavian Adventure, two vols, together with other leather and cloth bound books; two shelves 50-80
96 Three shelves of Folio books 60-100
97 Quantity of books incl. biographies, travel, history 15-20
98 Two shelves of railway, car and sporting books 30-40
99 Collection of Giles annuals and several other books 15-30
100 Small group of local ephemera Wells, Baths, East Somerset Railway etc 15-20
101 Two shelves of natural history books 15-30
102 Quantity of children's books 40-60
103 Three framed county maps 20-40
104 Framed ltd ed. Alan Richards scene of 'Flooded Pastures', signed and dated 1971 20-40
105 Cloth/velum 1939 edition of Hugh Walpole The Herries Chronicle 50-80
106 County of Middlesex, an historical account of the parishes printed 1800 written by Rev. Daniel Lysons 40-80
107 c1900 filled postcard album 80-140
108 Wills & Players cigarette cards, film stars, RAF badges, radio celebs, national flags, fish and safety first 15-20
109 Interesting c1900 postcard album of local and other scenes incl. baptising in the sea at Burnham 100-150
110 Two early 20th century trade and cigarette card albums 20-40
111 Wills, Players cigarette and trade card albums 15-30
112 Original Phelps' History & Antiquities of Somerset, part leather bound, one vol, 1836 30-60
113 Three green back Crime Club novels, 1950's; RIP, The Judge Sums Up, Ropes End 30-40
114 Group of hardback books, 1st edition, all with dust wrapper Graham Greene incl. A Sort of Life, the Comedians, Burnt Out Case etc (8) 100-150
115 Stamps, cigarette cards, car manual, postcards 15-30
116 Group of mainly topography scenic postcards of the Home Counties 30-40
117 Group of mainly topography scenic postcards of Midlands and the North 20-30
118 1894 book 'The Making Of Birmingham' by Robert K. Dent, a history of the rise and growth of the Midland metropolis with 214 illustrations from old prints, original drawings and recent photographs 20-30
119 Topographical & Historical description of the county of Somerset by Rev. Mr Nightingale, 1820 incl original map and engravings 30-50
120 Group of mainly topography scenic postcards of Norfolk and Suffolk 30-40
121 Group of mainly topography scenic postcards of Cornwall 20-30
122 c1900 postcards; Australia, USA, UK and several early marine/shipping postcards 30-50
123 1930's J. M Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy children's book, decorated by G. M. Hudson 30-40
124 1880's hand written recipe book, loose and a journal together with a 1953 girl's diary, both Somerset families 20-40
125 Signed ltd ed. Hans Anderson Fairy Tales by Rex Whistler, 1st ed. 1 of 250 copies, fully illustrated hardcover book , London Cobden Sanderson 1935 140-160
126 Somerset books; Mendip it's swallet caves & rock shelters HE Balch 1937 1st ed. plus novel 'Under the Mendips' by Mrs Marshall 1897 20-30
127 Shakespeare's Sonnets illustrated by Hellmuth Weissenborn ltd ed. 115/350, fine copy in slip case 60-80
128 Four leatherbound vols; The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq 1816 80-120
129 Ephemera; The Alamo film programme plus a wartime comic ode to Hitler by R. Frankau 10-20
130 Bath & Wells Lives of the Bishops 1829, one vol, by Rev. Stephen Hyde Cassan 20-30
131 Bentley motor car handbook for S type 1931 with maintenance record 60-80
132 Railway & Commercial Gazetteer 1917 book, 17th ed. Including all the train stations, towns, villages, Hamlets etc in Great Britain incl. original advertising 40-60
133 1770 leather bound book Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, illus. Ludovicus Desprez, Chriftianiffimi Regis 200-400
134 Three maintenance and training manuals, restricted WWII notes for aircraft engines 30-50
135 1845 three vol. Historical Sketches of Statesmen who flourished in the time of George III by Henry Lord Brougham, FRS 100-150
136 Rare surviving vintage paper may of Environs of Shepton Mallet, Wells & Glastonbury pub. Roberts & Co. Nottingham 15-30

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